Michelle Dockery – From Downton Abbey to Good Behavior


Most television viewers know Michelle Dockery from the hit PBS series Downton Abbey.

She played Lady Mary for six years. Now Dockery takes on a new challenging role, playing yet another tough woman. In Good Behavior, Dockery plays Letty Dobesh, a woman who has served time in prison and now plans on getting on with her life on the good side of the law. Unfortunately, Dobesh finds herself entangled in a murder-for-hire plot when she overhears a plan and decides to stop it.

The show is unusual in that it is dark, comedic, and quite different from anything else. Dockery recently told the media, there is a new genre category for this show. She said it is Poetic Noir. So, just what is this poetic noir genre? “It’s something that is very, very different, and it’s dark, it can be very light, [and]it can be extremely funny.” 

“I was very fortunate with Good Behavior,” she said, “because Downton was coming to an end, Season 6, and this script came to me, and I fell in love with the character and the story, and I was very fortunate that something so different from what I had been doing for the last six years came my way.” The actress went immediately from one show into the next, and has other projects in the works as well. “The Sense of an Ending” scheduled to be released this year.

About Good Behavior and Downton Abbey, Dockery says, “I’ve had the opportunity to play two very strong female characters, and there are some parallels with them. She describes the new character as extraordinary, colorful, and raw, “and she’s fascinating to play.” Dockery is excited about this project and is “loving every minute.”

Good Behavior premiers November 15 on TNT.


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