8 Creative ways to keep love golden in your golden years

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“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze,” said Carolyn Gold Heilbrun.

While it takes a little extra effort, romance can make for a healthier, happier and more fulfilling relationship. Every couple’s love goes through phases, and many couples find romance fades as they grow older. If you and your love are in this situation, whether you’ve forgotten how to connect or are stuck in the same routine, try some of the tips below to add a little spice to your love life.

The basics

Get back to the basics. As an experienced couple, you know what makes your love tick. This could be surprise kisses, breakfast in bed, watching the sunset together or enjoying old movies. Try to think back to the little things that made your relationship exciting over the years. Even holding hands or taking the time to express specific things you love about them can make a big difference in your relationship. Sometimes the most romantic things you can do are giving simple reminders and signals that they’re on your mind, and you know them better than anyone else.

Walk together

Quality time is a must when it comes to romance. Walking is the perfect way to spend quality time, have meaningful conversation, and even do some of that hand-holding! You’ll have the opportunity to reconnect, get some exercise and fresh air, and take a break from your usual routine.


Over the years, you’ve probably taken many family photos with kids, grandkids and a wide range of color-coordinated outfits. Try doing a photo shoot of just the two of you. Dress up in your favorite clothes, drive to your favorite place around town or in nature, and have your photos professionally taken. Not only will this be a fun way to spend time together, but also gives you romantic photographs to hang up around your home. Not to mention that during the photo shoot you’ll be reminded how her eyes sparkle or how his smile makes your heart skip a beat.

Road trip

Your favorite tunes, good food, new sights and endless road. A road trip could be the trick you need to rekindle your romance. Try adding a little excitement by making the destination unknown or researching a bed and breakfast to spend the night at. You’ll have time to talk and a little adventure is sure to jumpstart romance.

Scavenger hunt

This romantic idea is a fun twist on a road trip. Map out all the places that are significant to your relationship. This could be favorite restaurants, places you love to walk, or locations of good memories. You can design it as a scavenger hunt with the final location a place neither of you has been. By the end of the day, you’ll both be reminded of the history that’s made your relationships strong. It’s a big gesture that the two of you can enjoy together.


Some couples struggle with intimacy as they grow older. A healthier sex life between you and your partner could be the key to your romance struggles. If your relationship is lacking in this department, consider planning a weekend getaway, or even simply lighting some candles and setting the mood. Intimacy is essential to connecting as a couple and can often be a romantic experience for both parties.

New hobbies

Learning something new is a great way to bond and make memories with your loved one. Take up golfing or something artsy. The two of you will have something new in common and be sharing meaningful time with each other. Experiences like this can help shake up the routine and reignite the romance.

Love language

Sometimes the best way to increase romance is to learn how you and your love want to be loved. One of my favorite books is “The 5 Love Languages.” The book outlines the five possible ways most people want to receive and give love. Understanding how your partner wants to be loved, whether it’s through acts of service or words of affirmation, will help you connect and feel love on a deeper level.

It’s never too late to turn up the heat on your love life. Try out some of these tips, and the two of you will have more romance than ever before.

Romance makes relationships healthier and thrive well into your golden years. Here are some tips for keeping the passion alive and intimate.

This article was originally published in The Daily Herald. It has been republished here with permission.


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