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A serial killer is on the loose and FBI agents Joe Merriwether (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Katherine Cowles (Abbie Cornish) are trying to stop him from killing again. Merriwether brings in his old friend John Clancy (Anthony Hopkins), a doctor with acute psychic abilities. Joe hopes John will help them find the serial killer. The psychic aspect of this story is what gives “Solace” added appeal.

As Clancy delves into the cases, he realizes that all of the victims were about to endure terrible physical suffering due to major illnesses, whether diagnosed or not yet detected. In addition, Clancy discovers that the killer (Colin Farrell) also has psychic abilities, which are more acute than his own. How do you find someone when they know everything you are going to do and think before you do?

Clancy is conflicted about finding the killer. After all, he is helping the people and not taking the lives of those who would not soon suffer tremendously. In a sense, he is saving them from that experience as well as their families. And the way in which he kills the people is instant and without pain. In a sense, they basically die peacefully and without suffering.

The cinematography in the film is amazing as the flashbacks and flash-forwards experienced by Clancy pop into his head. While the viewers try to put the pieces of the puzzle together, along with Clancy, they are confronted with the same human/civil rights issue.

Hopkins is outstanding, as usual. The bonus features look at the making of the film and the casting of the actors. Hopkins’ onscreen performances with both Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Colin Farrell are noteworthy.

On the surface, this is a very intriguing story, with a serial killer on the loose and two psychics battling each other. The other aspect of the film will strike a chord with many viewers. The idea of mercy-killings, assisted suicide, and death with dignity is becoming a focus around the world. Why do people have to suffer? Are we not all entitled to a peaceful death?

“Sometimes the greatest acts of love are the hardest acts to commit.”

“Solace” is an interesting crime drama, psychic drama, and social comment drama. The acting is superb. The film is rated R for violence and bloody images throughout, sexuality, nudity, and language. With Anthony Hopkins at the helm, you can’t go wrong watching this if you’re in the mood for an intriguing drama.


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