Café Society on Combo Pack


Café Society on Combo Pack

For over 60 years Woody Allen has been writing movies with his quirky sense of humor and visions of life. Café Society is his latest feature film and is now available in a combo pack as well as a single DVD.

Café Society is set in the 1930s and stars Jesse Eisenberg as Bobby, a young man from the Bronx who is a little disenchanted with his life. He moves to Hollywood where his uncle Phil (Steve Carell) is a big shot agent. Bobby gets a job running errands for his uncle and immediately falls in love with Vonnie (Kristen Stewart), Phil’s secretary.

While Bobby adjusts to life in California and pursues Vonnie, she explains that she has a boyfriend. That doesn’t stop them from becoming close friends. Then he realizes that Vonnie’s boyfriend is his uncle Phil, who is contemplating leaving his wife for her.

Now disenchanted with the whole Hollywood lifestyle, Bobby moves back to New York where he is hired by his brother Ben (Corey Stoll), a gangster who has a successful nightclub. Bobby proceeds to turn the knowledge he acquired in Hollywood to good use making the nightclub one of the best in New York.

Bobby meets and marries Veronica (Blake Lively) and everything seems to be going fine. He still has feelings for Vonnie and when she appears at the club with her husband Phil, their past clashes with their present.

The story is a little whacky, as is the case with most Woody Allen stories. He definitely has a different way of writing and directing and his outlook on life and the stories he tells can be interesting to some degree. If you like Allen’s style then you will enjoy Café Society. If not, then skip this. It’s a tedious story of people interacting while trying to make their way in life. The high society of the Hollywood and NYC elite makes their mark on both Bobby and Vonnie.

Bobby’s family adds a different dimension to the story. While he is a friendly, hard working guy, his brother is out killing their enemies to get ahead in life. This is the dichotomy of the story.

Others in the cast include Parker Posey who is perhaps the most likeable character.


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