Baby Boom with Diane Keaton on Blu-ray from Twilight Time


Diane Keaton stars as J.C. Wiatt ( a career-minded woman with her sights on becoming a partner at the advertising firm where she works) in Baby Boom. Keaton maneuvers the executive ladder as “The Tiger Lady” but gets sidetracked by the arrival of her orphaned baby cousin Elizabeth. This is the quintessential story about getting lemons and making lemonade.

It doesn’t take long before her job and her parenting clash and she has to make a big decision. J.C. takes Elizabeth and moves from the big apple to a country estate in Vermont filled with apple trees, among other fruit. This should be a nice experience for them — relaxing on their farm and kicking back in the fresh country air. But the farmhouse is riddled with problems. Soon J.C. is going into debt to pay for all the repairs on the property. How is she going to sell the place and get back to New York?

Instead of spending her days in the boardroom, J.C. spends her time making homemade baby food for Elizabeth. Then out of the blue, she discovers a market for the products. Soon “Country Baby” is a big seller, bringing in profits for J.C., her company, and helping the people of the town.

Besides building her company and taking care of the baby, J.C. meets the local veterinarian, Dr. Cooper (Sam Shepard) and although they start off on the wrong foot, or hoof, the attraction between them is strong.

James Spader plays Ken Arrenberg, a young man in the advertising firm looking to make his own mark on the business and climb the corporate ladder. He wangles his way into forcing J.C. out of her biggest client and taking over the account himself. Sam Wanamaker plays J.C.’s boss Fritz Curtis who tells her she cannot have it all. She has to choose.

J.C. proves them wrong. She can have it all. She can have a career as well as be a good parent to Elizabeth. And, she even has a love life.

This Blu-ray is a limited edition of 3000 from Twilight Time. “Baby Boom” is a fun film with plenty of delightful scenes.


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