The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is Amazing


This product review might seem like an advertisement for the new Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer only because I have not felt this excited about a new kind of product in a long time. I love the Dyson creations and swear by their air purifier. I was sent one of the hair dryers for a two-week test period. It only took me two days to realize this was something I needed to purchase for myself!

If you know about the Dyson fans and air purifiers, you know their designs are unique. They use the Dyson Air Multiplier technology to push out air instead of fan blades. The Supersonic Hair Dryer uses the same technology. Therefore, the head is shorter than other dryers. There is no closed back with a mesh that gets clogged up and needs to be cleaned. That is eliminated with this unit.

The dryer feels good to hold. It is sturdy but not heavy. There are a couple buttons that let users adjust the heat and volume of air. There is also a cool button, which is great for that final touch to basically set the hair before releasing it from a round brush or styling device. With the microprocessor and thermistor, the temperature is monitored 20 times every second. Hair dries faster with this unit than other dryers with the “fast drying” setting. There is also a normal and a slow setting. The air in the fast drying setting is 212 degrees, the regular is 176 degrees, and the gentle is 140 degrees. You can select which one is right for you.

The Dyson Supersonic comes with the dryer and three attachments that easily attach and detach with a magnet. There is a diffuser that helps keep curls curly while drying, a styling nozzle, and a smoothing nozzle, which is unique to this machine. It really does smooth hair. As someone with thick, frizzy hair I can attest to this because I use it every day and rarely use my flat iron anymore to smooth out the frizz. And the built-in ionizer helps reduce static and also helps make hair shine.

And, finally, this is much quieter than any other hair dryer I have every used. I can actually hear the phone ringing when I am using it.

The dryer weighs less than two pounds. It is available in two colors: Iron Gray with Fuchsia and White with Silver. Plus there is a professional version for salons and a limited edition with a leather case for an additional $50. The list price of the dryer (including the three attachments, a storage hanger, and non-slip pad on which to place the dryer) is $399.99. It is a bit high, but as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” And with this machine, you get a lot.



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