GetTV is a Blast from the Past


GetTV offers plenty of “oldies” but goodies.

Do you remember the classic variety shows (mostly before they were broadcast in color)? “The Judy Garland Show” (1963-1964) was filled with songs and music. From the 1960s, this was a show that had talented guests as well as the iconic host. From the 1970s there was “The Sonny and Cher Show.” “The Danny Kaye Show” aired from 1963-1967. Every one of these old-time variety shows had great guests and talented hosts. Although watching them today they definitely show the simplicity of TV back then as well as the times. But they are still fun to watch and bring back fond memories.

From the 1980s is the action/crime series “Riptide” (1984-1986) Besides “Riptide,” GetTV offers “Airwolf” (1984-1986) ”Hardcastle & McCormick” (1983-1986), “The Equilizer” (1985-1989) and “In the “Heat of the Night” (1988-1995). Watching them today definitely shows the times and the sophistication of television have indeed changed.

If you are in the mood for an old western they air “A Man Called Shenandoah” (1965-1966), “The Restless Gun” (1957-1959), “Laredo” (1965-1967), James Garner in “Nichols” (1971-1972), “The Tall Man” (1960-1962), and “Cimarron City” (1958-1960) and more.

Comedy series that air on GetTV include “The Thin Man” with Peter Lawford (1957-1959), “The Jimmy Stewart Show” (1971-1972) “Nanny and the Professor” (1970-1971), and “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” with Hope Lang (1968-1970).

Besides old TV series, this network also offers old movies that are always fun to watch.

This is a fun channel because of the assortment of shows from comedies to westerns, series and variety shows, specials, as well as a selection of various feature films. GetTV is a division of Sony so there is a vault filled with all kinds of entertainment. GetTV is definitely “a blast from the past.”

And check out their website ( for inside info and quizzes to test your knowledge of actors from the past. Contact your local provider to find out where you can locate this channel on your lineup.


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