5 Wickedly Good Halloween Activities for Seniors


When ghosts and goblins come out to play, it’s time to make it a spookedy-fun day. Although most Halloween activities are pint-sized, All Hallow’s Eve can rustle up mischief for rascals of all ages—even seniors. “This time of year is filled with fun activities for our residents and their families,” said Jim Morrison, executive director of Redmond Care and Rehabilitation Center. “Our staff puts a lot of work into making Halloween a special night by hosting plenty of projects and events. It’s a scary good time for everyone.” If your Halloween night has even the Grim Reaper looking at his watch from boredom, it’s time to try some of the best Halloween activities for seniors.  

Ghoulish Gourmet Halloween Buffet

This isn’t your typical chicken and boiled potatoes. Today’s menu includes skeleton bites, spider eggs, eyeball drop soup, worm jello shots, and a “handful” of other tasty bites that won’t bite back when you eat them. Or, will they?

Witch Hat and Mask Crafts

Unless you planned on dressing as a muggle, the day’s festivities require a costume. Today’s crafting materials and tools make designing a mask or witch’s hat easy and creative. Invite your grandchildren to join the project and let your imagination run wild. Here are some other creepy crafts ideas, such as decorating a flameless candle or creating a door decoration that invites guests to “park their broom” and visit for a while.

Pumpkin Bowling

With a strategically placed ramp, some plastic pins, and your favorite rotund squash, you are one strike away from being crowned grand master of the gourd. If space is limited, a Wii game console provides an equally challenging match (minus the pumpkin bowling ball, of course). The grand prize could be a treat-filled jack o’ lantern. Sharing is not required.

Where’s the party?

Sometimes getting there is half the fun. For an added element of adventure, set up a scavenger hunt that offers clues to the location of the party destination. It could be sound clues, trivia questions, song lyrics, or photos. Who knew getting there could be such a blast?

Ghostly Garden Party

There’s nothing like a toasty fire to bring warmth to a “dark and stormy” Halloween night. Invite family and friends to gather outside for a night of chills and thrills by hosting a movie night, ghost stories, or listen to the radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds” from 1938. Add hot cocoa, caramel apples, and doughnuts to the mix and you are set for a thrillin’ good time.

Tricks may be for kids but these activities can provide loads of fun for the kids at heart. This Halloween, add a little hair-raising fun to the night and bring out the inner wild child—for one day, at least.


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