Living in the Age of Airplanes Review


Living in the Age of Airplanes is an interesting look at the world since the accomplishment of aviation.

Narrated by Harrison Ford, this film is not a look at how aircraft evolved through the years, but a look at how humanity evolved from the time when the only way of getting from one place to another was walking. Then came the wheel. Transportation has advanced quickly since then!

The airplane has basically shrunk the world. Not literally, of course, but the ease and quickness of travel has connected all the continents and countries. People can explore areas of the planet they couldn’t have reached prior to air travel.

Not only does air travel carry people to destinations, it connects commerce. Flowers from all over the world have a limited lifetime so once they are picked they must be quickly transported around the globe to various locations. Think about that the next time you see a beautiful bouquet. Were the flowers grown locally or were they brought in from another country?

The film is available on DVD and Blu-ray with deleted scenes that weren’t part of the original showing when it aired in IMAX theaters.

Special Features on the disc include:

  • ALASKA FLYING: Montage of deleted footage: airplanes exploring the remote Alaskan wilderness.
  • 3 STORIES IN 4 MINUTES: Three stories: One Camera, Underwater in the Maldives, Journey to the South Pole.
  • PLANE SPOTTING: A collection of the crew’s best takeoff & landing shots captured on 5 continents.
  • FLIGHT OVER AFRICA: The biplane sequence from the film “Out of Africa” re-created 30 years later.
  • IMPOSSIBLE SHOTS: VISUAL EFFECTS: Go behind-the-scenes and learn how the impossible shots in the film came to life.
  • MAKING OF THE ALASKA HOUSE: Get an inside look at how the sequence in the Alaska House was created.
  • HAWAII [DELETED SCENE]: One of the most remote places on Earth is almost exclusively visited by air.
  • FLOWER SEQUENCE “DECONSTRUCTED”: A unique, real-time look inside one of the film’s most complex sequences.
  • ALASKA FLYING II: Same visuals as “Alaska Flying” with the addition of radio communications.
  • SEEING AVIATION FOR THE FIRST TIME: Witness aviation through the eyes of a group of kids in Kenya, Africa.
  • IN-FLIGHT PREMIERE: Experience a first-of-its-kind premiere as the film debuts on board an Emirates A380.

For an interesting look at how airplanes have changed the life of people, countries, and commerce, check out Living in the Age of Airplanes.



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