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BURLINGAME, CA Jan. 8, 2015 —, a leading consumer and small business information website, announced today the results of its 2015 diet food taste test. Currently in its fifth year, this test is designed to provide an independent look at five of the top diet delivery services. It takes one of the most important factors of a successful diet under consideration: How does the food taste in the real world? After the results were tallied, it was determined Jenny Craig was the overall winner, beating out last year’s winner, bistroMD. This test, when paired with’s associated diet meal delivery service reviews, serves to give would-be dieters assistance in finding the right program to fit their individual lifestyle and health concerns.

The taste test features a week’s worth each of standard meals from bistroMD, Jenny Craig, 17 Day Diet, Nutrisystem and Diet-to-Go. All food was ordered anonymously from each company and paid for out of pocket. Twelve men and women were asked to sample the food and provide ratings on a scale from 1 to 10, as well as comments based on how the food tasted and appeared. Packaging and other brand identifiers were removed and all of the food was plated and served on basic dishware. Food from each diet service was served during each round of tests to ensure that they were truly blind.

“The diet companies had no input in what food we served, which meant that the people testing got the same experience anyone ordering from home would. They were able to let loose in the comments and not hold anything back,” content manager Jocelyn Baird said.

Comments ranged from glowing reviews, such as, “The pancakes almost taste like they could be homemade!” to criticism like, “Flavorless and dry.”

When it came time to crown a winner, the results were a surprise compared to prior years. Jenny Craig climbed to the top, beating out former crown-holder bistroMD, which fell to fourth after two years at No. 1. Coming in second was 17 Day Diet, followed closely by Diet-to-Go. Nutrisystem, which suffered in appearance ratings as well as taste with its lunch and dinner meals, came in last place. It is worth noting, however, that bistroMD was a fraction of a point behind Nutrisystem on taste — saved only by a much higher appearance score.

“We have participants rate on appearance as well as taste because who wants to eat food that doesn’t look appealing?” Baird said.

While the results of the taste test are an important factor in calculating the overall rankings for’s complete diet meal delivery service reviews, other criteria is taken into consideration. These criteria include price, customization, fitness tools, strength and availability of support provided (such as access to nutritional experts over the phone or educational material offered).

You can read the complete 2015 diet taste test results here:

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