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Unless you’ve been living in a cave you have seen the ads for Nutrisystem. This weight loss program has given countless people a new lease on life. There are several options from which to choose: Basic Plans, Vegetarian Plans, and Diabetes Plans. And they are designed specifically for men or women. Once you select your plan, your food will be delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is add some extras, like veggies and fruit, and you’re ready to eat and lose weight.

The newest way to begin your Nutrisystem program is their Turbo Takeoff. It’s designed to reset your metabolism, and it really does! This is meant to be the first week of your new weight loss plan. It includes a week of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, Turbo Shakes (definitely give you energy), and Nutricrush bars. After the initial week you begin your regular regimen.

The question most people have is “How does the food taste?” The answer is “Delicious.” I have my favorites, as you will too. The food is tasty and easy to prepare.

My experience with the Vegetarian Plan was wonderful.

One of my favorite foods is pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza? With their Thick Crust Pizza and Italian Herb Flatbread Pizza I am in heaven. Be creative. Add your veggies to your pizza to personalize it. I slice up grape tomatoes, olives, and either hearts of palm or artichoke hearts. Tonight I’m going to add a little pineapple too. Combined with a salad, this is a dinner I actually look forward to. Seriously!

Probably the most difficult part of the plan for me to get used to was eating breakfast. I don’t wake up with any appetite at all. So forcing myself to eat first thing was something I had to learn. Then I started to look forward to the double chocolate muffins and the granola cereal. And the breakfast bars are great to grab on the go with a cup of coffee.

For lunch my personal favorites are the black beans and rice, the chocolate peanut butter bar, the cheese tortellini, and the cheddar broccoli rice. The Mexican style tortilla soup is also tasty. And if I’m out and about, I take a lunch bar with me. I am able to eat out with friends by ordering a salad and eating my bar. And it’s filling!

Besides the mouth-watering pizza, some of my fav dinners are the Vegetarian Chili, Bean Bolognese, and the Vegetarian Lasagna.

Snacks? On a weight loss plan? Absolutely. Whether you like something salty or sweet, Nutrisystem fills your evening with a special treat: chocolate cake, peanut butter cookies, milk chocolate flavored pretzels, zesty herb snack mix, white cheddar popcorn, and chewy peanut bars are my special favorites.

Besides eating breakfast first thing in the morning, I had a few other adjustments to make – eating all day. The plan is to keep your metabolism at its peak so you must feed your body every few hours. The system teaches you to eat smaller portions more often. That, and their ratio of carbs and protein, is what make this program work.

If you’re not a vegetarian, you will have plenty more options. Check their website for all their foods.

And when you make your delicious shakes, instead of using all water, add some ice to the mix and blend it in your blender for a richer, fluffier shake. Can you say “Yummy?”

The bottom line is the food is delicious and the plan is easy to follow. Every one of the products is marked with color-coded labels: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack. Add some veggies and fruit during the day along with plenty of water, iced tea, etc., and you’re on your way.

Beets, bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, kale, and spinach are good ways to supplement your day. Munching on these will help your body and aid the program.

Do I recommend Nutrisystem? Yes. I have told several friends about it and although they had concerns about the portion size, I reassured them there is plenty to eat. The first week I felt there was too much food. Imagine that. And the first week on the Turbo Takeoff I actually lost 4 pounds.

With my name on the byline of this article I wouldn’t recommend something I don’t feel good about. If you are on the fence about the program, try it for a month. You don’t have much to lose – except pounds.


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