Relationship Advice: How to Make This Valentine’s Day Special for Your Loved One


In 1653, a Mughal emperor shared with the world a token of his tragic yet enduring love for his favorite wife Muntaz Mahal, who died during childbirth. Today, the emperor and his wife have all but blended into the annals of ancient history, but the symbol of his love remains as the gleaming white marble 42-acre structure known as the Taj Mahal. While most public expressions of affection don’t end up being a timeless wonder, many of today’s celebrities make their mark in different and extravagant ways. As a relationship expert, I wanted to give you some unique ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here’s some relationship advice on how to say “I love you” to the special person in your life, like these celebrity couples.

Relationship Advice: Making Valentine’s Day Special Like The Hollywood Stars

1. Share a little bit of nature. I’m not talking about cut flowers or baskets of posies. With a little bit of creativity, you can find a bit of nature that symbolizes the unique relationship and love you share. For example, Angelina Jolie purchased an olive tree to give to her husband, Brad Pitt. Angie may have spent $18,500 on this olive tree, but you can find something just as special but much more affordable. Aloe Vera plants, palms, fruit trees, and flowering plants are excellent alternatives to cut flowers. Also, some companies manufacture innovative bouquets made out of alternative materials that last forever and offer unique scents. designs arrangements using environmentally friendly and recycled materials like wood, paper, recycled jewelry among other things, and they will provide any scent you like such as raspberry, musk or lemon.

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2. Share a wardrobe indulgence. For Jessica Simpson, that meant getting a $15,000 Birkin bag from her husband, Eric Johnson. For the rest of us, receiving a smart jacket, a silk scarf, a sparkling bracelet, or snazzy boots can generate the same feeling of confidence at one-third of the price. I recall a young newlywed presented his wife with a necklace made of aquamarine. It wasn’t the most valuable of gems, but the color reminded him of his wife’s eyes.

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3. Share an experience. Angelina Jolie bought Brad Pitt flying lessons. Of course, she threw in the helicopter for good measure. Beyonce found a million-dollar token to share with husband, Jay-Z, when she presented him with a Grand Sport, reportedly one of the top performing and most expensive cars on the market. For you, a shared experience may be a hike to a cherished location, or a picnic in a secluded spot. Most people will tell you the things are nice, but sometimes it’s the thought behind the gift that counts the most. A friend who lived by an Olympic training site bought her husband a ride on the bobsled track used in the 2002 Winter Olympics. It was an experience he will never forget.

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, it seems the extravagant gifts is what makes the news. The relationship advice to remember is that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have an audience nor does it need a giant price tag. It’s an opportunity for you to share a moment, a knowing exchange, a personal connection that is meaningful for the two people that matter the most–you and your loved one.
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