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Let’s face it. This is a delicate subject. Most of us have some modesty (unless you’re Madonna) and the idea of a frontal wedgie is embarrassing, to say the least. However many of today’s fashion trends are tight fitting. Seamless Thread is a brand of intimate apparel that has a solution to this dreaded frontal wedgie, aka camel toe. Their Camel No line of underwear is unique.

This design of seamless undies has an undetectable small panel in the front that eliminates the wedgie. How clever. You would have thought someone would have invented this years ago.

Maggie Han, the founder and creator of the company was a stylist in New York City. She realized there was a need for this kind of underwear, with all the leggings, yoga pants, and tight jeans women wear.

Have you put on a pair of leggings or yoga pants and decided to wear a long tunic or thigh-length shirt to make sure you were covered? If you wear the Camel No underwear, you are free to pair your leggings with a tank or tee, without wondering all day whether you are showing a bit more than you would like.

Even if you don’t wear leggings or yoga pants, many of today’s jeans have a thick seam that can press into that delicate area and become uncomfortable. It might not be noticeable from the outside, but you can feel it. The Camel No eliminates that uncomfortable seam pushing into your body.

If you are used to cotton underwear, this will definitely feel different. The material is soft, however it does have a different feel than mainstream undies. It definitely serves its purpose, and at $30 a pair, you might need only one or two to fit your needs.

Seamless Thread created Camel No for today’s fashionistas. You know who you are and you know the times you could use this added panel to be more comfortable and for peace of mind. Whether you’re wearing leggings, yoga pants, jumpsuits, or bike shorts, the Camel No under garment is something that will keep you from pulling, tugging, and fidgeting.


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