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In the movie The Accountant, Ben Affleck stars as a complex character that combines martial arts with a brilliant mind. Ben Affleck plays Christian Wolff, a function Autistic man and a mathematic savant.

When he was young his father, a career military man, made sure his sons could handle themselves in any situation. And Christian definitely can – and does – take on the most intent group of killers.

Christian leads a double life in a small town. His cover job is a CPA, but he also is a freelance accountant for some very dangerous organizations, including some of most notorious mob families. Christian has a modest home in the suburbs as well as a well-stocked Airstream trailer hidden in a storage facility. The Airstream is stocked with guns, ammo, passports, money, and everything necessary for this man to take off in a moment’s notice and be able to resume his life in another location.

When Christian takes a job to find some missing money in a tech organization (headed by John Lithgow), he is discovered by one of the accountants in the office (Anna Kendrick.) He brilliantly deduces how much money was diverted out of the company and decides to figure out who took the 60 million dollars and why. This leads him on a dangerous hunt with a squad of hit men sent after him. Also on his trail is the Department of Treasury’s Crime Enforcement Division, run by Ray King (J.K. Simmons) who has his associate hunting down this enigmatic accountant.

Viewers will be putting the pieces of the story together as the movie progresses and Christian’s life comes into focus. He’s a good man and un-cooks the books of corrupt organizations. He also happens to have a behavioral problem, which adds to his lifestyle and makes him perfect for his job. He is a wiz with numbers, can handle himself when under physical attack. He is a complex character that viewers will learn about as the film progresses.

The bonus features on the Blu-ray dissect the story and the characters. Anna Kendrick says she had to read the script twice to completely understand what was happening with the story. There are several layers in the movie that after it is over viewers will understand.

Ben Affleck and director Gavin O’Connor researched behavioral disorders and the actor studied several young men with Asperger’s and Autism to prepare for his character. As they both say, they wanted to portray this character as realistic as possible.

This movie combines action, high finance, and a complex character. The Accountant is available on Blu-ray combo pack and a single DVD.


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