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Singer-guitarist, Peter Frampton, was in an accident on a Southern California highway and suffered neck and back pain as a result.

Jennifer Grey, the actress in “Dirty Dancing” and 2010 “Dancing with the Stars” champion, suffered from chronic neck pain after surviving a terrible car accident in 1987.

And Melanie Griffith, an Oscar-nominated actress, has long battled chronic neck and back pain from a car accident on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

For these celebrities and many other Americans, the pain and trauma suffered as a result of a car accident can have lasting results.

To add to the frustration and sometimes isolation that comes with chronic back pain, legal concerns are almost always present. Will I be able to pay for medical bills? Will I need long-term rehabilitation? And am I entitled to compensation for pain and suffering? These questions often weigh heavily upon the minds of car accident victims.

One way to protect yourself is to see a forensic chiropractor, who manages the recovery process with physicians, insurance companies, car accident consultants, and legal bodies.

“We work closely with our patients’ attorneys to make sure they have a complete picture of our client’s injuries,” explained Brandon Carter of the Car Accident Recovery Clinic in Orem. “When a patient comes to us after a car accident, we are able to provide detailed records that an attorney can use to maximize judgment awards and easily present in the courts.”

Dr. Carter offers three suggestions to protect yourself and your loved ones after suffering from a car accident injury.

Know what you are signing

Insurance companies are infamous for delaying payments—and that is true when it comes to accident insurance, as well.

“What we’ve found is that, in some cases, car insurance companies are sending insurance adjusters over to the homes of the accident victims to try to get people to sign paperwork that says they will settle for what amounts to peanuts,” warned Carter. Make sure that you know what you are signing and be wary of the in-home visits from insurance adjusters.

Seek legal counsel

Carter urges people to seek legal counsel or visit with a competent car accident recovery specialist to be sure patients fully understand the details of the provided settlement.

Most attorneys will agree to be paid by commission only if you receive a medical judgment in your favor. This commission-based structure incentivizes attorneys to seek for the maximum amount of money in your favor.

Visit your doctor

Sometimes, people want to move on and just forget about the accident—especially if they aren’t experiencing pain—and will avoid going to the doctor for a thorough exam. This is a mistake.

As Carter explains, examinations can sometimes reveal hidden life-threatening issues caused by the accident. They can also provide third-party validations essential to receiving money from insurance claims.

“We want the attorneys to stop playing doctor,” Carter said. Instead, car accident victims should make sure to read documents carefully, seek legal advice, and visit their doctor to ensure the best possible scenario for recovery.

For more information about Dr. Carter and the Car Accident Recovery Clinic, please visit their website or call (801) 899-6027.

After a car accident, legal concerns add to the frustration and sometimes isolation that comes with chronic back pain. Here are your options.


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