6 Easy ways to feel gratitude when you’ve seen it all


When you reach that point in your life when it seems you’ve seen it all and done it double that amount, it’s hard to stay fully aware of the amazing blessings in your life all of the time. But when you stop to think about it, we live in an exciting time where we can compare the knowledge of our lives in the past and marvel at the advancements we enjoy today. So when you find yourself grumbling about the good old days, consider these six blessings and compare them to day’s past.

1.You have your health.

Advances in healthcare technologies and settings mean disease is being detected earlier, and treatment is becoming more effective. We have also discovered the importance of healthy eating. “By including fresh fruits and vegetables every day, we can stave off depression, weight gain, and reduce the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, kidney problems, and heart disease,” said Becca Lund, RN, MDS Executive at Pointe Meadows Health and Rehabilitation. Just in the past year, the medical community has introduced methods offering better cancer screenings, improved vaccines to fight superbugs, and wearable sensors.

2. You keep in touch with family.

No matter where you are in the world, today’s innovations in communications make it possible to talk with those you love anytime, anyplace. Wireless devices enable seniors to make phone calls, create shopping lists, get the weather forecast, read the newspaper, among many other things by voice activation.

3. Entertainment is accessible 24/7.

The accessibility to movies, music, live theater, concerts, and literature is unprecedented. Think about it. If you want to show your grandchildren how awesome Elvis Presley moved, all it takes is a quick search on YouTube. “Grandparents are becoming proficient in alien things like Skype and Facebook and liking it,” wrote HuffPost contributor Anita Kamiel, RN., “It has become a healthy emotional outlet, and word of its benefits has spread like wildfire among the elderly.”

4. Healthy food is on every shelf.

As a result of the growing trend toward transparency in food manufacturing and packaging, consumers enjoy a wide variety of healthy foods that are affordable and readily available at their favorite supermarket. Expanding knowledge of the power of food combinations is giving consumers the tools to adopt healthy eating habits that support a healthy lifestyle.

5. It’s never too late for a change in attitude.

You can see the difference a good attitude and living a life with purpose can have on quality of life. Life shows us that it’s never too late to pattern our behavior after role models or associate with peer groups that reflect the attitude we want for ourselves. When it comes to changing your attitude, you need to do an honest and in-depth self-evaluation so you could point out exactly which of your traits need to be improved or totally changed,” wrote Kara Heissman. Then, commit to changing it.

6. Remember: People love you.

During those times when it seems like loving and cheering for ourselves isn’t enough to impact the world around us, think about how much you enjoy visiting with your neighbors or talking with your grandchildren on the phone; or think about how much you appreciate your favorite grocery cashier’s smile. Chances are, they enjoy those things about you.  

During this Thanksgiving season, try embrace an attitude that attracts gratitude for the comforts of life we enjoy every day. “Life is a journey, said actress Kelly McGillis, “It’s about growing and changing and coming to terms with who and what you are and loving who what you are.”



This article was previously published by the Daily Herald. 


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