Beyond kicking tires: Joe Ingram shares his secret to purchasing a car


Automobile expert Joe Ingram, Ingram Interactive, shares important tips for handling all of the necessary steps in purchasing a car.

In this episode, Joe shares lifesaving and smart precautions we should all take to ensure a positive car-buying experience.

Here are a few tips:

1. Don’t use your home address.

It’s always at the end of a bad experience that we ask ourselves, “Why did I do that?” If you are selling a car, arrange to meet prospective buyers at a neutral location like a mall, supermarket, or other busy and public parking lot. The ideal time to talk with a buyer is during the day. But if that isn’t possible, Joe says to find a busy, well-lit parking lot.

2. Be mindful of your dialogue.

When talking with a buyer, you may share more information than you intended. For example, how often have you told a buyer that you won’t be home all day but they can drive by, take a look at the car, and then give you a call? You’ve just told a complete stranger that your house will be empty all day.

3. The Secret of Pricing.

First, you need to have a base understanding of your car’s worth. Kelley Blue Book is an excellent resource to establish a range of the car’s value. “Undercutting the range will attract more buyers instead of asking for the top price,” said Joe. And, the sales range will vary, sometimes by thousands of dollars, between selling to a dealership or a private buyer.

Another option is to use a Kelley Blue Book buying center for a hassle-free selling experience since they will offer you the fair value of your car.

You can’t afford to miss this interview!

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A version of this article was published by Good Day Orange County. It has been republished here with permission.


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