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Whether you’re constantly on the go, or you just can’t find the motivation, exercising regularly can be a struggle. But there’s a solution: mother and daughter duo Susan and Alex Tobiessen demonstrate easy exercises you can do using nothing but a chair and some simple exercise equipment.

“As you mature, one of the first things to go is leg strength,” Susan explains. Even tasks as ordinary as getting out of a chair can become difficult. One exercise you can do to strengthen your sitting and standing muscles is chair squats: sit on the edge of your chair with your legs hip-width apart, come to a standing position, sit on the edge again, and repeat in two sets of fifteen. Other easy exercises include the triceps dip, the modified plank, and bicep curls.

You can do these exercises anywhere, anytime—whether you’re traveling or watching TV at home; whether it’s first thing in the morning or in the middle of a workday. Susan points out that “what you do today is going to directly affect what you do tomorrow.” Start today so your tomorrows can keep getting stronger and happier.

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