Caren Glasser: It’s Time To Stop Telling Ourselves ‘Little White Lies’


As founder of the Little White Lie network, Caren Glasser challenges people to rise above the little white lies that often limit our desire to find a more fulfilling life. “As we get older, we start telling ourselves little white lies,” said Caren. “We tell ourselves that we can’t wear certain clothes, dress a certain way, learn a new technology, or embark on a new career.”

The name of this global movement was inspired by Caren’s decision to allow her hair to grow grey in front of her viewers. “The Little White Lie is all about the lies we tell ourselves, as we get older and how to love the age you are in,” said Caren. With over 10,000 viewers tuning in to any given show, Caren’s message resonates with people who are searching for their “next” next.

Now, Caren is excited to launch The Little White Lie digital magazine, a compilation of her favorite interviews with people who faced their little white lies head-on, defied the social norm and discovered a new and satisfying chapter in their lives. The premier edition had over 113,000 views.

Don’t miss this inspiring and validating interview as Caren Glasser asks us to join the movement by exposing Your Little White Lie. For more information on Caren Glasser and The Little White Lie movement, please visit

A version of this article was published by Good Day Orange County. It has been republished here with permission.


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