Fashion, Age, and Attitude


Longing to wear some of the latest fashion trends but afraid of looking like your daughter? Most likely you’re a woman who refuses to be pigeon-holed in the age old discussion of what trendy fashion you should wear in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and older. Discussions about fashion trends for any age will always be debated, but how can you find a flattering ensemble that works without falling into the age trap?

Looking for a fashion insider’s expertise, I sat down with entrepreneur Anna Slevin, creative director for Anna Slevin Collection.  Anna confided that she has been designing and sewing clothing since she was a young child.  Recently, she launched her own clothing line to provide women with versatile and wearable contemporary womenswear while focusing on form and style.

“The best advice I can share is the advice my mother gave me: the age-old wisdom that style is more of an attitude than an outfit. The way to get an “effortless cool” look that we all strive for is to primarily wear what looks good on you and what you are comfortable wearing. It’s not as much about what’s “trendy” as it is about finding clothes that fit you. Fit is everything!”

It’s all about YOU! Now is the time to think about yourself and honestly assess the following:

Fashion Tip #1: Attitude

We all have a way of thinking that is unique. Our perspective is our own fashion attitude, but sometimes fail to really think about it. Think about some of your most comfy clothing, your go-to outfit. What does it say about you? Personally, I love unique, statement pieces of jewelry with monochromatic clothing.    

Fashion Tip #2:  Support Your Assets

Evaluate your undergarments carefully. “If you aren’t supporting your assets properly, clothes will not hang properly,” according to Anna. There are many body-shaping pieces that can help keep your lines smooth when wearing form-fitting looks.

Fashion Tip #3: Your Style is Dressing Your Body with Confidence

Many of the most fashionable women we admire are confident, classy and know how to dress their unique body shape. These women don’t let perceived flaws get in their way.  Harness your confidence and own your body type.


Curvy? Don’t be afraid to show them off. Opt for more structured/tailored pieces in durable fabrics that will highlight your figure and provide you with a smooth silhouette.


Tall women, you should wear high heels. There is something so elegant about a tall woman in tall shoes.  


Shorter women can definitely get away with a slightly shorter hemline. This will elongate your legs and keep proportions looking balanced. It is best not to let the hem fall too much higher than your knee if possible, as miniskirts are very difficult for a mature woman to pull off successfully.

2017 Trending Fashion and You

Menswear-Inspired Looks

Whether it’s wide-leg pants, oversized outerwear, or crisp white oxfords in every shape imaginable, the look is as chic as it is fun.

Expert Tip:  Menswear can look really sharp when done properly. Look for well-tailored pieces that fit well with subtle and interesting details. Wide-leg pants need to be paired with a more fitted or structured top.


Minimalism is a great and easy-to-master trend. Monochromatic looks in every color and hues are a fun way to show off your wardrobe. More than likely, it’s already in your closet!

Expert Tip: A minimalistic look is a great way to experiment no matter what your size or age. Trending now is pairing denim and light blue/gray pieces together or mixing denim on denim to create a blank canvas. Bold accessories such as a swipe of bold lipstick or a statement necklace/earrings go great with a structured jacket.  

Mixing and Matching Prints

Current trends on the runway for this upcoming season mix and match prints and textures. Quirky prints are shown in unexpected ways and vibrant colors are here to stay for 2017.

Expert Tip:

Oftentimes this can be very daunting only because you’re not sure how to mix and match these bolder pieces. Think attitude and common sense here! Try incorporating only one or two experimental pieces with existing basics in your wardrobe. Keep the focal point to areas you are confident drawing attention to whether it’s a bold pattern, color or cut. For example, if you don’t love your hips, don’t wear a bright belt or patterned shorts. Instead, focus on an area you love. If you are looking to introduce a bright color or print into your look, use a scarf or a statement piece of jewelry (see video below for statement pieces!)

Today there are so many fun trends hitting the runways that might speak to you to make your own statement. Let your attitude guide you to becoming a confident and classy woman with a message.



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When Debbie Ceresa was ten years old, she won a school contest but never told her family. The night of the book fair, her parents found out that she had designed the carousel and theme for the fair. Her mother loved to remind her of this story, she was so proud. She took her never-ending ideas for granted. A love for books and education never left her. Years later, at the age of 36, Debbie went back to school and graduated with upper division honors from Northern Illinois University. She also worked as an admissions director at a private academy, where she revitalized the school’s image and implemented a wide range of educational programs. One of the most important personal accomplishments in her life was completing her memoir, A Beautiful View. The story turned into a two-year project that took Debbie on a learning experience with many accomplished writers throughout the country. Following her heart and her hunches, Debbie Ceresa moved from Illinois to Arizona, where she has a beautiful mountain view and the occasional coyote sighting.

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