Herb Knoll Honors His Journey And Becomes the Unintentional Widower Whisperer


It started as a step toward healing himself…became a book, a podcast and a ministry.

As a bank executive, Herb Knoll was known as a man who could get the job done. But when Knoll lost his wife to cancer he found no resources to help him recover. Herb asked a bookstore clerk what was available for a new widower, the clerk replied, “Mister, I don’t have a d**n thing for you!”

The more he learned about the plight of widowers worldwide, from high suicide rates to physical and emotional challenges, the more healing and purpose Herb found in writing a book “with fellow widowers, for fellow widowers.”

With that, he set out on an eight year mission, writing his book, The Widower’s Journey, which has lead to two Facebook groups – Widowers Support Network/Members Only with 1,500 members and Widowers Support Network public group with 1,700 members where subject matter experts and empathetic supporters can join in the conversation. Tune in to hear Herb’s inspirational journey. And, please share this information with anyone who needs to know.

Visit WidowersSupportNetwork.com for more information.

A version of this article was published by Good Day Orange County. It has been republished here with permission.


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