How medical technology is making a big difference for your health


Technology is an integral part of daily life, from constant entertainment at the fingertips to the ability to communicate with family and friends across the globe with the touch of a button.

There seems to be no end to the usefulness of ever-evolving technology, even beyond being able to binge-watch your favorite sitcom or take crystal-clear selfies and transmit them to the world.

While you’re busy enjoying your various devices and gadgets, you may not realize the health benefits you can get from them. If your favorite pastime is looking at your reflection in your phone’s camera, even that can keep you healthy.

Here are a few ways that technology can improve your health:


Advances in technology have improved access to healthcare for people who are unable to visit the doctor. People may avoid a trip to the doctor’s office because of time constraints, distance, or even the inconvenience. The ability to connect with a physician online can make it easier to get diagnosed quickly, making the process more efficient for everyone involved.

“Seniors can have trouble getting access to healthcare if they have limited mobility, restrictive finances, or other difficulties that prevent them from visiting the doctor,” says Sarah Hilton, a registered nurse. “In some cases, technology can help bridge the gap by allowing doctors to connect online with patients in their home.”

Remote monitoring

Along with initial diagnoses for patients, technology allows doctors to provide continued care without frequent visits for patients who need to be monitored. One study showed that patients with diabetes who were remotely monitored by their doctors had better outcomes and management of their condition. The monitoring appeared to help patients take medication on time, and doctors also managed cases more actively.

Preventing outbreaks

Food recalls due to foodborne illness make the news every year. People may not realize that the behind-the-scenes science involved in tracking foodborne illnesses is quite advanced. By studying the DNA of germs, scientists are able to track the spread of germs like listeria. Scientists can determine where the illness originated and improve treatment by letting doctors know about specific illnesses affecting their region.

Electronic health records

Electronic health records might not seem like a very exciting benefit of technology, but they can have a huge impact on a person’s health. Not only do these records streamline information, but they also improve access to the records for both the doctor and the patient. Accurate, accessible records help patients advocate for their health and give the doctor a better big picture of the patient’s history, which can reduce mistakes.

There are a lot of reasons to appreciate the advancement of technology, and your health is a big one. The next time you want to skip the doctor’s office because you don’t have time in your busy day, consider avoiding the line by taking advantage of technology and visiting on your computer.

A version of this article was published by the Daily Herald. It has been republished here with permission.


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