John O’Grady Inspires Leaders And Teams To Become The Best Version Of Themselves


John O’Grady helps athletes, coaches and executives bring out the very best in their players, teams and organizations. A former Division I athlete, West Point graduate, Army Colonel and distinguished combat leader, John inspires leaders and teams to become the best version of themselves in the most demanding, complex, austere, and challenging environments.

Utilizing the principles he has developed and practiced over 30 years in athletics and the Army, working with diverse groups of organizations and individuals, John provides leadership, culture, and strategy principles that are fundamental to excellence.

O’Grady Leadership and Consulting Services, LLC is a franchise of Kolenda Strategic Leaders Academy (SLA), a consulting firm of former senior military leaders who have provided Leadership in peace and war, have created thriving organizational Cultures, and have developed Strategies to compete and win in a dynamic environment against ruthless competitors.

On the heels of a recent trilogy of articles John wrote titled, Culture of Trust, we will be discussing one of the greatest threats to our very national fabric and way of living which John refers to as, “The National Trust Deficit”. Let’s hear more about it.

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A version of this article was published by Good Day Orange County. It has been republished here with permission.


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