Major Mom Angela Cody-Rouget is in The House — And Organizing It, Too!


If you are tired of tripping over yourself and everything else stacked in your home, it’s time for some “major” changes. Author and organizing expert Angela Cody-Rouget is here to share four tips for starting the new year with less clutter.

1. Stop the incoming.

Don’t buy it just because it’s on sale. Make the decision to look the other way and not participate in after-holiday sales and clearance racks. Angela says that 25 percent of Americans with a two-car garage can’t fit a single car in their garage. And, most people wear 20 percent of their wardrobe 80 percent of the time. It’s time to stop the flow of new stuff into your home. Here’s a rule of thumb: If you bring something in, something has to go out.

2. Haul out the items that no longer serve us.

Angela is talking about the dream jeans, excess devices, toys, old games, appliances, etc. If you are not using them, it’s time to throw them away or donate them to somebody who can.

3. No-more-clutter gift list.

Sources say our kids get an average of 70 new toys each year. Despite our good intentions, we are overwhelming our young people with too much stuff. This year, decide to gift “no more stuff.” Focus on sharing experiences, movie passes, dinners, fun shared activities — experiences. This decision will help build meaningful memories.

4. Practice a new house rule.

“If an item isn’t something you need, want, love, or like, it’s time to give it away,” said Angela. Our communities who have been hit with disasters need things like clothing, toys, and furniture. So now is that perfect time to streamline our excess and give to those who need it. “Let’s start the new year by decluttering and donating,” said Angela.

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A version of this article was published by Good Day Orange County. It has been republished here with permission.


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