Maria Simone and Chad Warren Talk On Tiny Homes


United Tiny Homes is unifying a movement by developing standards and promoting best practices in the construction, placement and widespread use of tiny homes as permissible and permanent housing. They envision a world in which people are allowed to choose from a broader range of economical, ecologically responsible, safe and healthy solutions.
United Tiny Homes prides itself on livability: offering a path to a smaller environmental footprint, greater financial freedom, and ultimately a self-sufficient life. They believe that does not mean you should give up the comforts of Home. They also pride themselves on deliverability. That is, with the tiny home market expanding rapidly, they have created the ability to deliver your new home within 30 days of purchase anywhere in the country! Tiny Homes United also has financing available for up to 23 years at reasonable rates to help you create affordable housing and to make the future of tiny homes more accessible.
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A version of this article was published by Good Day Orange County. It has been republished here with permission.

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