Todd Westra Shares His Successful Business Tactics On His Podcast ‘The Leadership in Business’


Even from a young age, Todd showed his entrepreneurial spirit beginning with his paper route. As time has continued and Todd has grown successful, COVID-19 hit and Todd pivoted his direction to helping businesses on his podcast ‘The Leadership in Business’.

Todd created The Leadership in Business Podcast on his quest to discover the reasons so many small to medium-sized businesses fail to scale. It’s six questions in nine minutes…energized, efficient, and packed with great information. And now, Todd also teaches the art and science of creating your own successful podcast. Whether you’re a business owner or have a special talent or interest, a podcast may be the perfect medium for you to share and connect with your tribe.

Let’s hear more about it!

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A version of this article was published by Good Day Orange County. It has been republished here with permission.


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