Wells of Life is making a splash by helping communities in Uganda. You can help!


Nick Jordan learned one of life’s more powerful lessons in a school.

Not a classroom in Orange County, but a school in Uganda where the boy students outnumbered the girls. It’s not that the girls weren’t interested in learning. In fact, they wanted to be in school. But in a community where water isn’t accessible, Nick learned that it’s up to the mothers and daughters of families to haul water from miles away to their homes. And they do it every single day.

Now, as the founder and executive director of Wells of Life, Nick Jordan transforms the health, security, and quality of life for Uganda communities by simply adding water. “My goal is to create daily access to water for half a million people,” said Jordan. In a country roughly the size of California, more than half of the population lacks access to fresh water.

It takes one week for Wells of Life volunteers to drill and build a water well. And it costs $6000. But the powerful impact water access creates for a community is literally life-changing. All young people are able to get an education in a community that is healthy and thriving. And volunteers train members of the local community to maintain and fix these life-giving pumps. “Essentially, they become pump mechanics,” said Jordan. “It’s such a powerful gift to give to a community. To bring them the training necessary.”

You can help! The annual Run for Water Race is scheduled for April 28. By running three miles, you are honoring the mothers and daughters of Uganda who walk this distance every day to bring water to their home.

When you run through the finish line, there will be 1000 people cheering for you and thanking you for what you’ve done,” said Jordan. By signing up you will join other people filled with compassion for a mom who needs water, a child who needs an education, and a community that can be lifted up and out of poverty by your efforts.

For more information on how you can help and for details on the Run for Water 1K/5K, please visit wellsoflife.org.

A version of this article was published by Good Day Orange County. It has been republished here with permission.


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