Wendy Darling: What happens when you lose heart in your work?


You used to love your job. But what happens when you lose heart in your work? Wendy Darling, a relationship and transformational results expert, understands how you feel. While navigating a corporate and consulting career for the past 38 years, Darling says it’s possible to reignite and refocus people who feel disengaged in the goals of the company they once enjoyed working for. “I love creating an environment where the heart of the organization can be revived,” said Darling, who believes that employees want to feel valued and engaged.

“I believe the perfect recipe for success exists within the organization. And it’s my job to create that environment and pull out that genius so people are more involved, engaged, and feel they are contributing.”

In this interview, Darling shares some easy ways to project a positive impact on coworkers, managers, and our ability to contribute to the environment.

For more information on ways to be more productive, lead with love, and feel more present in your work, please visit  www.wendydarling.com.

A version of this article was published by Good Day Orange County. It has been republished here with permission.


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