CrossFit for Seniors


Crossfit your way to a better quality of life

Betty Friedan said it best when she stated, “Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” Your strength, endurance, and quality of life is in your hands. While getting older means your body might not work as well as it did when you were in your twenties, with some hard work and sweat, you can get your body, and mind, feeling stronger. How? CrossFit for seniors.

“At our facility, our physical therapists offer daily exercise to promote flexibility and alleviate joint pain,” said Mark Hymas, executive director for Copper Ridge Healthcare. And, a number of seniors are turning to CrossFit as a way to seriously improve their quality of life, make friends, and improve their overall health. Consider the following:

Daily Tasks

For seniors, Crossfit isn’t just about maintaining a healthy body weight or keeping the heart healthy. It’s also about improving everyday tasks. “For me, and I am sure other seniors who happen to wander into the program, it is regaining the ability to do what young people do and take for granted. Getting strong is the result of CrossFit, but for seniors getting strong has an entirely different meaning,” says senior CrossFit member Patti Gale.

As you commit to the program, actions, like walking up stairs and getting out of bed can start to feel easier. Even your flexibility can improve. These small improvements can make a big difference in your everyday life and comfort.


With CrossFit, the mental benefits of working out go beyond the daily walk or workout. Any good exercise releases endorphins and can leave you feeling more positive and clear-minded. However, Crossfit is a challenge. Knowing you conquered the next hard workout or progressed to the next amount of reps or weight can give you the can-do attitude of a lifetime. Also as you become stronger and feel better, your mind and body will be free to enjoy other hobbies and activities that make you happy, regardless of your age.


Another life-changing benefit you can gain from Crossfit is the sense of the community that comes when you join. “In that one hour, everyone can relate to each other and know exactly what the other is going through,” said CrossFit head coach Adam Brown. “It is an experience that forges strong bonds and respect. And it is why there is so much support and encouragement handed out.”

A new group of friends working towards similar goals will not only enrich your life but also motivate you to commit and work harder.


One of CrossFit’s best features is that it is designed for people of all fitness levels. Coaches are trained to develop participants’ skills from the ground up. If you’re committed to being patient with your body as you develop foundational CrossFit techniques, then you can safely and confidently begin a CrossFit program at any level.

Before you decide if CrossFit is right for you, consider discussing the following with your doctor and future trainer:

  • What is your current exercise routine like? Do you have a history of working out regularly?
  • Do you have medical conditions or concerns that would prevent you from working out?
  • Do you have medication that would impact or be affected by a new workout program?

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to give up feeling strong and healthy. Visit a local CrossFit gym and see if it’s something that could improve your quality of life. CrossFit for seniors is the way of the future.



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